Mr. Galiyas’ 7th and 8th grade ACE students – each group came up with their own theme, responsible for priming, painting, designing and clear coating their little library.

Students: Emily Buchleitner, Mackenzee Goonetilleke, Cassandra Short, Jaiden Gregory, Eli Wilson, Riley Boehm, Ethan Buchleither, Nikolas Craven, Flynn McCracken, Angelina Shuster, Camryn Ignat, Ariauna Rose, Carson Novosel, Connor Bornak, Briauna Lewis, Page Bayton, Angelina Shuster, Enzo Colaianni

“They worked extremely hard on these little libraries and I couldn’t be more proud of them……they amaze me every day because they always put their all into everything they do” says Mr. Galiyas.

The libraries are located at the Girls Softball Complex, The Incinerator Baseball Field, the Soccer Complex, Winklevoss Field and Hamm and Eggers Diner on Lebanon Road.