West Mifflin Borough Little Libraries

Borough building Little Library

West Mifflin Borough Building Little Library.
1020 Lebanon Road

His And Hers Hair Salon

His And Hers Hair Salon Little Library
499 Taft Ave.

Winklevoss field - Dennison drive Camden softball complex

Soccer Club Complex

Baseball complex

West Mifflin Community Park

Castle Drive

300 Castle Drive, West Mifflin 15122

West Street

Kansas Street Playground

Clara Barton

Kenny Field

West Mifflin Borough Dog Park

Riverview Homes Association

Little Library is a “take a book/return a book” free book exchange operating on the Honor System.  Anyone may take or bring a book to share.

If you want to give a few books, simply put them in a Little Library near you.  If you take a book (or two) from a Library, you DO NOT need to return that exact book or even to that exact Little Library.

Each Little Library  is hosted by a resident or business of West Mifflin.  If you need to get in touch with the host either leave a note in the Little Library or check the contact information on the map (coming soon).

If interested in hosting a Little Library, do you have the capabilities to build a Little Library (specifications available) or do you need one provided to you?  The Little Library should be in a partially to well-lit space on your property with easy access for parking (street parking is fine).

Each host is responsible for monitoring books to make sure they are suitable for the Community.  The host is responsible for removing any pornographic or violent materials as well as religious or political pamphlets.

The host is also responsible for reporting all damages – natural or man made to the project lead.

Hosts are NOT responsible for stocking the Little Library personally but may contact the project lead if supply is running low, chances are there are extra books available to restock.

It may take a few weeks for your neighborhood to become familiar with your Little Library.

  • West Mifflin Borough Building.
    1020 Lebanon Road, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • His And Hers Hair Salon
    499 Taft Ave.   West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Winklevoss field – Dennison drive Camden softball complex
    600 Helena Street.  West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Soccer Club Complex
    Apdale street Pittsburgh Pa 15207
  • Baseball complex
    767 st Agnes lane. West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • West Mifflin Community Park & Ryan Hacke Memorial Playground
    525 Bettis Road, West Mifflin, Pa 15122
  • Castle Drive Little Library
    300 Castle Drive, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Kansas Street Playground
    2225 Kansas Street, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Clara Barton
    746 Beverly Drive, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Kenny Field
    821 Kenny Street, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • West Mifflin Dog Park
    (across the street from) 2814 Homestead-Duquesne Road, West Mifflin Pa 15122
  • Riverview Homes Association
    321 Utah Ave, West Mifflin Pa 15122


Lots of Little Library locations coming soon.
If you’re interested in hosting a Little Library in West Mifflin, click the tab above to learn more, and email LittleLibraries@WestMifflinRecreation.com

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