Programs & Events

In 2015, we began focusing on expanding recreation, not only in adding additional activities and programs but with a long-term goal of revitalizing and rebranding the parks.  We hope to continue this expansion and improvements moving forward.  At a meeting in July of 2015 Council took the initial step in this process which was the approval of a consolidation plan for the parks.  In 2016, we will be working on conducting a parks study for continuing park improvements and consolidation. We plan to continue to build and expand our recreation department through the implementation of new programs and activities that benefit all members of the community and by continuing to pursue new grant opportunities that will allow us to construct new recreational facilities and enhance what the Borough currently offers to our residents.

Below are the recreational programs and events that we currently offer to the residents of the Borough.

Programs and Activities run by the Recreation Department include:

Father~Daughter Dance – This event offers Fathers in the community an opportunity to have a formal night of entertainment with a significant young lady in their lives. The event is an evening filled with dancing, dinner and live entertainment. Each princess that attends will receive a memory souvenir keepsake. The event is for girls ages 3-10.

Touch a Truck Event – This event is a community safety and awareness event that allows residents of all ages to come and receive information from our local emergency response teams (Police, Fire and EMS). Along with receiving information, the emergency response teams will bring their vehicles to the event for residents to explore and see how they operate.

Easter Event – This event is for children in the Borough ages 0-10. The kids can come and visit the Easter Bunny while enjoying other various activities including an Easter egg hunt. Each child that participates will receive a gift bag. Refreshments will be served to all that attend.

Community Movie Night in the Park – There will be various movie nights in the park during the summer months that offer residents of all ages the opportunity to come out with your blanket and chairs and enjoy an outdoor movie at our Community Park. Refreshments will be provided.

Summer Arts & Crafts Program at the Park – The arts and crafts program is an 8 week summer program that is held at our Community Park. This allows the children that are enjoying the park the opportunity to take part in a craft project of the day. The program runs Monday-Friday from 10am-2pm. There is no charge for participating in this program.

Free Summer Lunch Program – This is a program that is coordinated through the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. The program is available to any child in the borough from ages 5-18. In addition to the lunch portion of the program, the kids that participate will be given the opportunity to take part in various activities and craft projects throughout the summer. The location of this program varies from year to year.

Family Fun Day at the Park – This event takes place at our community park and marks the end of our summer recreational programs in the borough. The Family Fun Day offers families the opportunity to come to the park and participate in various recreational activities as a family. We will conclude this event with a movie night in the park. Refreshments will be provided to all that

Community Day – This event allows the residents of the Borough to come and enjoy live entertainment, good food, meet community businesses and organizations and offers many games and activities for the kids.

Halloween Event – This event is for children in the Borough ages 0-10. The kids can come out dressed up in their costumes for various activities including a hay ride, pumpkin patch and haunted gymnasium. Each kid that participates will receive a gift bag. Refreshments will be served to all that attend.

Light Up The Night – This event is the kickoff to the holiday season. It is for all residents to attend a lighting of the tree ceremony by the Mayor that includes live music, entertainment and a visit from Santa. At the conclusion of the ceremony, there is a reception with Santa where the kids can get their picture taken with Santa and enjoy music and other activities. Each kid that participates will receive a gift bag. Refreshments will be served to all that attend.

Walk America – Our Walk America program offers residents a fitness initiative. The aerobics program is a 1 hour fitness class that is offered 2 days a week. The class runs two sessions a year from September-December and January-May. The location of this program is at Emerson Elementary. For more information contact instructor Sheryl at 412-303-5386.

Jump Start Sports – Is an outside organization that specializes in organizing athletics for children ages 2-6. In working with Jump Start, we are to the point where we offer an organized activity to the children all four seasons of the year. Jump Start has organized soccer, baseball, flag football and basketball leagues here in the borough. For more information on how to sign up for a Jump Start League visit our Facebook page.