Recreation Committee

Purpose of the Committee:

The Parks and Recreation Committee serves as an advisory board to the Borough Council on issues pertaining to parks and recreation. The Committee has no official authority to establish, create, pass or enforce any of the park rules or activities without express consent of Borough Council.

The Recreation Committee assumes a major role in developing a sense of community and enhancing the resident’s quality of life by providing recreational and social programs to preschool age children, youth, teen, adult, family, and senior populations and by organizing and hosting special events.

Functions of the Committee:

The functions of the committee are to:

(1) Members will work with the Recreation Director, to help coordinate/plan community events and voluntary community projects in the Borough.

(2) Review current parks and recreation programs and facilities in the Borough to determine additional needs, and submit recommendations pertaining to parks and recreation guidelines, policies, facilities, or user fees to the Borough Council.

(3) Provide and gather input and ideas on parks and recreation related long-range plans and goals.

(4) Serve in an advisory capacity to the Borough Council for the location, construction, maintenance and funding of parks and recreation facilities.

(5) Review all parks and recreation related matters submitted by the Borough Council.

(6) Make recommendations to the Borough Council on operating and capital budget needs as well as fees and charges for Borough owned recreation facilities and monitor the parks and recreation budget  throughout the year.

(7) Promote maximum utilization of parks, recreation facilities and programs.

(8) Enhance the quality of life to all Borough residents through the implantation of a wide variety of parks and recreation programs and services.

Eligibility for appointment:

All members of the Parks and Recreation Committee must be residents of the Borough of West Mifflin.

All applicants are expected to have an interest in developing and maintain Borough parks and recreational facilities and working with the Borough Council, other members of the Committee and the general public  to plan for future improvement in parks, recreational facilities, programs and a wide variety of related projects for the enjoyment of all of the residents of the Borough.

Formal education in the field is not necessary, but some demonstrated experience or involvement in parks and recreation projects or planning is preferred.

All interested applicants must submit a letter of interest listing their experience, qualifications and their desire to obtain a seat on the Parks and Recreation Committee. Letters of interest can be submitted to the attention of the Recreation Director located at the Borough Administration Office at:

1020 Lebanon Road
West Mifflin, PA 15122

General information pertaining to the Committee:

The Parks and Recreation Committee has seven (7) members, all of whom are appointed by Borough Council. The terms of the members are 2 years.

The Parks and Recreation Committee meets on the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the West Mifflin Borough Building located at 1020 Lebanon Road.