Image from NASABring a chair and come to the park and join us and view the “Great American Eclipse”. A limited number of special eclipse glasses will be provided. For more information contact the Recreation Director.

There will be snacks, popcorn, and hotdogs.
The borough has a limited supply of 250 ISO approved viewing glasses. Glasses will be handed out – one set per person – on a first come, first serves basis. 
If you have your own, please bring them.  If you can – please share.

There will be games and fun, educational activities throughout the day.


  • 11:00am – Event Starts

  • 12:30pm – Presentation/Q&A – Dr. David Griesheimer (Advisor/Engineer, Naval Nuclear Laboratory)

  • ~1:00pm – Eclipse due to start

  • ~2:35pm – Eclipse Peak

  • ~3:55pm – end of Eclipse.