For Children Ages 4 ­ 12 from 9:00AM ­ 3:00PM  
Jump Start Sports Camps are fun­oriented and highly instructional. The relaxed and  nurturing atmosphere enables children to learn, grow, make friends, and have a  meaningful summer experience.
Jump Start Sports Camps also focus on children  learning cooperation, teamwork, sportsmanship, understanding the importance of  recreational game play, and the benefits of physical activity!  

June 20th ­ June 23rd: ULTIMATE WARRIOR CAMP!
Age ­appropriate and safe activities specifically designed to challenge, inspire, and  excite.
Games and tasks this week include obstacle courses, relays, tug­of­war, and  many other fun activities designed to teach cooperation and teamwork while also  developing self­esteem and emphasizing sportsmanship.

August 8th ­ August 11th: OLYMPICS SPORTS CAMP!  
The Olympics are coming to West Mifflin! Children are grouped by age, divided into  countries, and play in fun, non­competitive Olympic sports! Campers also learn about  the culture and history of their adopted country and make a flag to carry at the “Closing  Ceremonies” and “Presentation of Medals”.  All children receive an Olympics medal!

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